Best Walking Dead Collectible Action Figures And Graphic Novels

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No other zombie movie has achieved the same success as that of The Walking Dead series.
This American television series, obituary search app which was based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series, has resulted to the popularity of The Walking Dead Action Figures, The Walking Dead Toys and other items that will fit any zombie collection.
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A Glimpse of The Walking Dead Series

If you were Rick Grimes, the main character in this who works as a county sheriff, would you still thank your lucky stars for waking you out of a coma only to find out that the walkers or zombie-like creatures have successfully dominated your world?

The 2010 series has not only achieved success in the ratings game with nine million recorded for the finale of season 2 alone. It has also been nominated in the Golden Globe in the Best Television Drama category.

The undead here is not really called zombies but walkers.
Despite the nomenclature, the creatures are really just like the flesh-eating corpses who devour humans and who can make humans one of them through their infectious bite.

Favorite The Walking Dead collectibles

The Walking Dead Action Figures

Your television collection would not be complete without Sheriff Rick Grimes.

After all, he is the lead character in the top zombie and more importantly, he is the best zombie killer you can ever have. You can also add his son Carl and his wife Lori to your collection. And to complete the main characters, look for the Shane Walsh action figure.
Shane is Rick's best friend.

The Walking Dead Toys

One of the best toys you can get from the world-famous is The Walking Dead board game which was based on the hit TV from AMC. The board game can entertain two to four players who will have to complete the board game in an hour.

The players can play the role of zombies or survivors.

The Walking Dead Comics & Graphic Novels

The hit series about the undead was based on a series of comics and graphics novels that describes the flesh-eaters in a horrific way preferred Death by burning the readers and the viewers.

The Walking Dead Books

If you are a blue-blooded fan of the winning television zombie series then get hold of this hardcover and get the first twelve stories of the series. The books are great even for those who are just starting their love affair with the undead.

These books are hard enough you can also use them to hit a possible zombie attacker.

The best place to get your the Walking Dead collection is online if you want the best deals and the best items.
There is no doubt there is a zombie craze happening right now throughout the world.

For some it is a fascination and love for great horror. For others it's a conscious effort to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Whatever the case may be for you - we've got you covered. Learn more about [ ] and find all your zombie gifts and survival supplies at!

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