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If you're thinking of creating your own header for your Web site, you can really benefit from knowing how a Web designer thinks when choosing photos. I will buy the photos once I'm satisfied I have the best photo or the right combination of photos for the header. This unique formulation utilizes our patent pending LipoDRONE TM Delivery System to target the fat layers of the skin and help to accelerate the body's natural removal process of post-procedure fat debris.

Many photos have more potential when they are cropped in tight to the subject, sometimes even a portion of the subject: a woman's eyes, the stitching lone tree medical spa on a baseball, half a golf club on a tee, the bow of a canoe, brightly coloured rain slickers hanging on hooks, a country mailbox.

At DejaVu Med Spa, we have the most up-to-date technology to ensure our clients get the results they've been dreaming of. By pairing CoolSculpting with ZWave tecnology, we are able to more deeply and efficiently break up pockets of fat and allow your sculpted body to shine through.

If the colours for the Web site haven't yet been determined, I may base the colours for the header (and the site) on the photo. Everyone at the spa was very professional and knowledgeable about the services and treatments with others I have used in the past, which was very informative.

The CoolSculpting procedure at DejaVu Med Spa in Lone Tree safely delivers controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. The Lone Tree Golf Club in Chandler, is one of the newest. While the diamond tip and suction remove unwanted dead skin cells and impurities, it is also encouraging blood circulation, accelerated tissue development and promoting collagen growth.

DejaVu Med Spa will work with you to determine if additional treatments are necessary to reach your desired goal. We also proudly provide CoolSculpting to clients in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Castle Rock & Parker areas in Colorado. Either way, I'll be looking for photos that complement one another and have fairly neutral colours (unless I'm planning to deliberately emphasize some element in the photos).

Stock photos are available from a variety of Web sites and services. Located in Lone Tree Colorado, serving Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Parker & Denver. I'll simply add the photos I've chosen to a lightbox and email it to my client to give them a chance to comment on the photos and veto ones that don't fit their vision for the header.

Our state of the art Age-management System, The Derma Pod, integrates localized photobiostimulation and micro-current technology that produces visible lifting results, stimulates circulation, increases collagen production and accelerates the healing of skin cells.