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  • 23:54, 23 paź 2020 (różn. | hist.) . . (+2717). . N Playing Online Gambling Site 1(Utworzono nową stronę "Gambling has been around for centuries. It really is only within the 20th century that this has grown bigger and on a worldwide scale which involves more than just a dic...") (ostatnia)
  • 23:54, 23 paź 2020 (różn. | hist.) . . (+308). . N Użytkownik:BarneyWenz9273(Utworzono nową stronę "Hello, I'm Barney, a 18 year old from Cranford, United States.<br>My hobbies include (but are not limited to) Stone collecting, Rock climbing and watching Bones.<br><br>...") (ostatnia)