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First, including materials and technologies, the foundation for coinage in the late Chosun Dynasty was established during this period. Examination revealed only a coin sized subcutaneous tissue wasting on the left suprazygomatic arch area(Fig. Following the examination of coin circulation policies under King Gwanghaegun, enforcement rules for coin circulation were prepared and experimental coin circulation was attempted. Lupus erythematosus(21 patients, 13%), trichotillomania(14 patients, 8.7%), epidermal cyst(7 patients, 4.3%), frontal fibrosing alopecia(3 patients, 1.9%), folliculitis decalvans(2 patients, 1.2%) and morphea(2 patients, 1.2%) were leading causes of localized alopecia, which clinically simulates AA in order.

From the early years of King Injo, coins of unknown name and form were minted in order to test the possibility of coin circulation. Under King Injo, coin circulation policies were executed mainly during the period from the 11th to 14th year of his reign. It can be said that the Song’s currency accounts a large part of Chinese history. Especially, the purpose of study is to assist in the design planning in terms of the delivery of information to distinguish the currency and gift certificates comprising multiple documents, including circulation coins.


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In preparation for famine, policy makers minted and circulated coin to conserve and store food resources.

1798, when the legal copper coin money were issued and circulated nationwide for the first time ever in Korea. During the reign of King Gwanghaegun, copper and iron, the main materials of coins, were imported in large quantities from Japan. The Song dynasty issued the largest amount of metal money in China and used world’s first paper money.